The Mill House

The Mill House is a Grade B+ 3 storey Georgian house constructed c.1760. The house has a typical Georgian plan form and due to the topography of the site the principal entrance is at upper ground floor level while to the rear, access is through the basement or lower ground floor.

With the original house measuring approx 4,500sq.ft across it’s three floors there is ample space for the four bedrooms along with various reception rooms and ancilary spaces however the spread of the accommodation across three floors and the fragmented nature of the traditional layout where a challenge to overcome.

This is achieved by relocating the kitchen from the lower ground floor to the upper ground floor and using adjacent rooms as living and dining rooms. This defines the upper ground floor as the central hub of the house with bedrooms, guest rooms and ancilary areas accessible via the main staircase. This is further helped by the conversion of the attached Mill Building. A new link was formed at the upper ground level from the kitchen through to a more informal family living area on the first floor and ancilary area to the lower ground floor.

Due to the house laying vacant for several years almost all of the internal joinery was replaced including the main staircase.

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  • LOCATION : N. Ireland
  • Featured : Grade B Listed Restoration